O presidente da Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, colocou no fórum da empresa alguns planos sobre a demo que sua equipa está a trabalhar para Brothers in Arms. O jogo tem previsão de lançamento para o primeiro trimestre de 2005.

“The demo will likely be two chapters with some information about other features and content that are available in the full game to go with it.

The first chapter will be a cut down version of the chapter we call ‘Rendevouz with Destiny’ – it includes Baker’s jump into Normandy, some link ups with notable characters and an introduction to control and combat. The demo version of this chapter is about half the size as the chapter in the full game.

The second chapter in the demo is from about half-way through the game. It is called ‘The Fall of St. Come’. In this chapter, Baker, five of his squad plus the Plt. Sgt (Mac Hassey) and the radio opr (Pvt. Leggett – the guy with the glasses). You’ll have a chance to understand some of the interesting characters and you’ll get to do some great squad combat using fire and move tactics against combined arms (including infantry, mortars and other things we’d rather you discovered by playing).”