Foi disponibilizada uma nova imagem e mais alguns detalhes da placa que a Gigabyte está a desenvolver, usando a tecnologia SLI, para usar num mesmo PCB dois chip´s GeForce 6600GT.

– Powered by dual GeForce 6600GT.
– First 6600GT card be built with 256MB DDR III memory.
– First 6600GT card supports 256bit memory bandwidth.
– “3D1” takes advantage of the dual fan cooling system to control the airflow sucked and pushed out for remaining in low GPU temperature and reduces the noise of the fan.
– To achieve 3DMark 2003 performance over 14,000, and to create a new milestone of the graphics card.
– To support with GIGABYTE unique overclocking utility V-TUNER 2, and let customers can tweak two GPU simultaneously.
– Support HDTV output
– To bundle selling with GBT extra performance 8Σ series GA-K8NXP-SLI motherboard to provide the most deluxe gaming package.