No passado dia 9 de Dezembro a CPL anunciou a data de 6 a 10 Julho 2005 para a realização do seu evento “The Summer Championships”.

Esta escolha foi alvo de uma pronta e justificável reacção por parte de Matthieu DALLON, President & CEO da Ligarena / ESWC através do seguinte comunicado:

Paris, December 10, 2004

We wish to confirm that the ESWC 2005 Grand Final will be held as planned from 5 to 10 July, 2005, just as in previous years and as announced to several partners and media organisations worldwide.

We were very disappointed to hear CPL’s announcement concerning the dates of its own forthcoming summer event: “the most expensive e-sports event in the world” for gamers.

This decision by Mr. Munoz sounds to us like an admission of weakness or at least as a deliberate attempt to divide players, teams, sponsors and the media.

We wish to express our deepest regret to all involved for this situation, which appears to be yet another attempt to hijack the communities for personal interests.

Matthieu DALLON
President & CEO
Ligarena / ESWC

Fact sheet :

2005 : ESWC 2005 Grand Final 5-10 July
2004 : ESWC 2004 Grand Final 6-11 July
2003 : ESWC 2003 Grand Final 8-13 July
2002 : Lan-Arena 7 5-7 July

2005 : CPL Summer event !
2004 : CPL Summer event 28 July – 1 Aug
2003 : CPL Summer event 30 July – 3 Aug
2002 : P4 Summer Championship 20-24 July

(“Statement from ESWC” @ Sogamed – Written by G3X )