Atenção a quem guarda cracks e key generators nas suas contas Gmail. Podem ficar sem o vosso mail !

Ao que parece, o site de onde foi extraída a notícia tem um virus (mhtmlredir.exploit) , portanto fica aqui o conteúdo do link.

“Darknest sends word that his Gmail account has been terminated by Google because of suspicious files stored in his account. According to the user, he admits to having a few cracks and key generators on his account but is unsure how Google found out about it.

Darkrest suspects that the Google bot which searches for certain key words for advertisers is doing more than just searching advertisement phrases; he claims that the bot is also searching for words that are associated with illegal files, such as key generators and cracks.

“I was never told why my account was cancelled, once I logged into my Gmail account I noticed that my files were missing….two days later, my account was terminated. This sux man!” The user doesn’t deny having illegal files stored on his PC, however states that Google has no business looking at his emails.”

Parece que o Google anda a bisbilhotar demasiado …