A Valve disponibilizou um novo update para o Counter-Strike: Source, que traz como novidades principais, bot’s oficiais e um novo mapa. Para obter este update basta reiniciar o Steam. Seguem em baixo os detalhes deste novo arquivo:

– Added Counter-Strike bots. For a more detailed description, click here.
– Added new bomb defusal map de_tides
– Updated version of de_cbble to allow bots to navigate ladders
– Updated version of cs_office. Fixes minor issue with projector
– Updated version of de_dust2 to allow 40 players
– Optimization to the way that dynamic props are checked. On higher end CPUs, this can result in more than a 5% total frame rate increase
– Fixed bug where players would get twice the normal money at the start of a round
– Weapon models are now checked at startup to make sure they are within limits for size
– Fixed a bug that would allow a player to throw two flashbangs at once
– Added