Foi lançado ontem, a nova versão do PB para o Call of Duty.

O update pode ser actualizado via servidor ou manualmente em

Alterações na Versão 1.127

– this version strictly validates PB GUIDs using information transmitted from the COD cdkey auth server

– players with an ‘UNKN’ PB GUID status will be kicked by default as this means their cdkeys are not known as being valid to the cdkey master auth server

– admins may issue “pb_sv_guidrelax 1” to have PB relax checking for ‘UNKN’ PB GUIDs (meaning those players will not be kicked)

– affected admins will now need to use the pb_sv_lanmask setting for Internet servers that allow players to connect from the lan on which the the server resides (for example: “pb_sv_lanmask 192” tells PB that players having an IP address that starts with “192” are ‘LAN’ status players); otherwise, LAN players connecting to an Internet server will receive ‘UNKN’ PB GUID status

Nota: Server FRAGLíder UPDATED !