O site europeu pkeuro.com teve a oportunidade de fazer questões a Robert Stevenson (DreamCatcher), produtor do Painkiller e da sua expansão, BooH (Battle out of Hell).

O artigo publicado no site cai sobre o desenvolvimento (contínuo) do jogo e a saída de um novo patch. PKTV, linux servers, netcode melhorado e a possibilidade de saírem mais mapas “duel” são alguns exemplos.
Sem mais demoras, aqui fica um excerto:

Painkiller TV

This of course the most challenging enhancement and is being worked on currently. We are putting together a short list of the items to include, beyond the obvious stuff (numerous spectators, camera controls, spectation modes, demo recording). Some more elaborate stuff we may get to, some we may not – but if we can open it up to the community we will.


This was not achievable by December 2004 because it required a specialized build of the physics libraries from Havok (for the changes to the netcode released in 1.5). This was completed in December and the Linux server is about to enter testing, we are literally just a few days away. The community will definitely be involved in testing, as well as the in house team at Dreamcatcher.

Improved Netcode

This is available in the Battle Out of Hell Game and will be made available in the planned 1.61 update (see below).

New duel maps

New maps are just about finalized. The team at CPL/Ritual has done a bang up job putting together 3 new maps: Absinthe, Ballistic, and 5quid01. We may do another map or two at PCF, but at this time it not definitively planned.

Desde a saída do BooH que tem havido alguma discussão por causa do movimento, que difere das versões anteriores. A People Can Fly (PCF) deixou-nos saber o porquê da diferença e da mudança:

-The movement can’t be the same simply because the 1.35 movement used precise Havok physics, unfortunately unpredictable, and 1.5 uses simplified physics. It’s what enabled the netcode to work.

-Havok can’t be made reliable over the network (at least it couldn’t last year). So it had to be dropped. Physics simulation is now similar to QuakeWorld in movement algorithm. PCF tried to make it as close to the Havok movement as possible.

Para mais informações leiam o artigo completo.